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Virtual Queerality (VQ) is an interactive virtual reality archive that is accessible through WebVR and head-mounted display devices. It features audio stories from trans and gender non-conforming folx embedded in avatars that represent each participant’s identity. These voices have often been relegated to peripheral roles within mainstream gay and lesbian media and this project seeks to resurrect and radically re-imagine their existence. The design of the virtual environment is part museum, part club, and part squat house, drawing upon the history of underground queer spaces and communal homes. Its immersive audio creates a tapestry of stories intended to affirm the fluidity of queerness and invite nonlinear player experience. In 2021, versions of the project were featured in Take Shape Magazine and The Exponential Festival.


If you identify as a trans or non-binary person and would like to contribute your story or learn more about the project, contact me.


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